Wandering in Hampstead!

Exploring London’s picture-perfect village!

If you ask a Londoner what the prettiest neighborhood in the City is they’ll probably reply with Hampstead.

Hampstead is a go-to favorite for me. Each time i visit, there’s something new to discover in the village or as i walk through the heath.

I recently got to spend a day in Hampstead and absolutely loved it!

Hampstead is a small village with beautiful old houses, colorful front doors, endless cafes and cute side streets.

This place is the closest thing you’ll get to a quaint country village in London.

Gorgeous florist shops spilling out onto the street.

This is still London zone 2. A cliché touristy shot is practically mandatory!

Hampstead’s streets are perfect for ambling down.

There’s greens growing everywhere—around fences and up buildings. Everything is a bit quirky and it feels straight out of a fairy tale at times.

Overal I loved Hampstead! It’s a place where you can turn the fast London pace down a little.

Have you been to Hampstead? What else would you recommend?
Let me know in the comments below!

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